Calling all State/Federal/Local County/City/Public and 501-C3 Non-Public agencies who want to hire extra workers.

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From California Human Development-Farmworker Services & Workforce Development We are a community-based, non profit organization specializing in workforce services for the county of Butte and our service area covers 31 counties all over Northern California.

The State of Calif. Employment Development Dept. (EDD) will be providing us with emergency funds for the 2018 Camp Fire Temporary Jobs Program to serve the needs of individuals in the fire impacted county -- both fire survivors and those who have lost their employment. This project will develop and provide temporary employment opportunities to those individuals who have been impacted by the fire. This grant is marked to come to an end as of September 30, 2020.

The requirement is that eligible participants must be placed at State/Federal/Local County/City/Public and 501-C3 Non-Profit agencies. The program specifies the type of jobs our participants should perform, i.e.: assist with clean-up and repair of destroyed public structures, facilities and land within the affected communities. Also for distribution of food, clothing, and other humanitarian assistance for disaster victims.

These services we are providing will be at no financial cost at all to you, the supervising agency. Participants (workers) will be consider as employees of La Cooperativa Campesina de California, our administrator, and will be covered under their Workman's Compensation Insurance. The length of employment for the participant will be no longer than 6 months or 1040 hours (whichever comes first) or when the participant caps up to $16,000 income. Also we will provide safety equipment as boots, gloves, hard hats, rain gear, goggles, etc.

Our goal is to work with your organization and provide assistance to all those affected. Please reach out to me as soon as possible, Norma Garcia, Special Programs Manager at 707-253-4648 , email: As I am currently reaching out to agencies in order to get the worksite approve by EDD.

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